Tennis Rules

Tennis Rules

Please register all guests in the Pro Shop before going onto the courts. Guest fees are year-round! Please pay the fee of $5 per player before playing. If the pro shop is not staffed ~ collect the money and drop it in the dropbox (mailbox) in front of the pro shop! This is truly an honor system.

Guest fees may be paid HERE

-All tennis players are required to check the website for court availability and sign up prior to going on the court. You will be bumped if you are not signed up and others are waiting. 

-The use of profanity, throwing of racquets or slamming of balls is prohibited.

-Courts should be surrendered immediately at the expiration of time if others are waiting. This is a courtesy to all members. Let the group finish their point or game.

-Members should leave the court when it is time for court maintenance.

-Unsupervised children under the age of 10 are not allowed on or around the tennis courts unless they are playing tennis.

-The tennis courts are for tennis (or pickleball on court 7) only. No other activities are permitted on the courts at any time. If the courts are being used for non-tennis activities, the people involved will be asked to leave the club for a time period designated by the GV Tennis Committee and Tennis Director.

-Courts will be closed for play and reservations on the website during inclement weather.  If a member chooses to play when courts are closed due to the rain, the members/guest must play at their own risk.  GV will not be liable for injuries sustained while the courts are closed.  

-Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. No swimming attire is allowed on the courts.

-Only smooth-soled shoes are to be worn on both the hard and soft courts. Help us protect your investment. Bare feet are not permitted. After an initial warning, persons who continue to wear improper footwear will lose their playing privileges for a period of one week. Players not wearing the proper footwear will be asked not to play and/or to leave the facility. NO RUNNING SHOES ALLOWED!

-The tennis courts are closed for use when blocked off on court sign-up online, locked and/or the nets are down. This is the decision of the Tennis Director. We have the safety of the members in mind and to protect the integrity of the courts for future use by the entire membership.

-Tennis players are expected to turn off the lights after evening play. All tennis activities will cease at 10 pm – this is year-round. Our court maintenance will start at 10 pm, if not earlier, due to court usage. If playing at 10 pm you will be asked to stop playing.

-Any tennis lessons held on the Green Valley tennis courts are to be conducted by the Green Valley Professional Staff. The Tennis Director has the exclusive rights to offer lessons for pay at this facility.

-Only Green Valley members are allowed to take lessons while at Green Valley from a staff professional. If a Green Valley member wants to bring a non-member to be included in on a lesson or team clinic – they may do so but the guest must pay the $5 guest fee in addition to the cost of the lesson or clinic.

-Members may use squeegees only on the hard courts

The ball machine is available to Green Valley members only.  Non members are not allowed use of the machine at any time.  Ball Machine memberships are available for $50/year for the entire family, or members can pay a $10/use fee.  If a member has a ball machine membership and another GV member joins them who does not have a membership, they are expected to pay the $10 fee.  

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