GVP Rules and Regulations

**Parents are responsible for oversight of their children on the entire Park property at all times (including but not limited to: the pool, tennis courts, playground, basketball court, parking lot, & swing set)**

Age Requirements:

-Before 6pm all children under 10 years old must be supervised by a responsible person 14 years or older in order to be admitted. Pool staff cannot accept responsibility. An exception may be granted if the child has proven ability to swim 50 meters as verified by a lifeguard and written permission from the child’s parent is on file at the pool.

-After 6pm all children 13 years old and younger must be supervised by a responsible person 16 years or older in order to be admitted.

Park Expectations

-Smoking and vaping are not permitted on park property (including parking lot)

-No skateboards or scooters on park property

-No pets on park property

-No glass or other breakable objects allowed on park property

Pool Expectations

-In the event lightning and/or close/loud thunderheads are seen/heard at the park, the pool will be closed a minimum for 30 minutes following the last bolt seen or thunderhead heard. The reopening of the pool will be decided by the senior-most Park employee on site. Under severe weather conditions, members are requested to clear the deck quickly and follow the staffs’ directions. These instructions may include requesting members seek shelter in the clubroom, restrooms, their cars, or leave the facility. Adults and children are expected to comply at all times.

-No running on the pool deck

-No pushing, shoving, or throwing swimmers into the pool

-No dunking, wrestling, or dangerous horseplay in the pool

-No diving in the shallow ends of the pool

-Only soft splash balls can be utilized in the pool. No hard balls are to be thrown in the pool (ex. Tennis balls)

-Water basketball is allowed but should be kept within close-range of the goal when crowded

-No hanging on the water basketball goal rim, standing on the base or turning the backboard

-No inner tubes or large floats are allowed in the main pool except after 6pm on Friday Float Nights

-No swim aids (i.e. swimsuits with flotation built in to the suit, inflatable armbands, etc.) Coast Guard approved lifejackets may be worn with adult supervision only and must be cleared by lifeguard on duty

-Only swim diapers are permitted for use in the pools (Standard disposable diapers are NOT permitted. Swim diapers are available at the gate shack for a nominal fee)

-There is a 10-minute rest period every hour when all swimmers 16 years and younger are to be out of the water

-All food, beverages, and chairs should be kept outside the white line around the pool

-No underwater breath holding games

-Report all accidents to the lifeguard in charge immediately

-If dirty or sweaty, please shower before entering the pool

-Chairs must stay behind the white line and are not allowed in the baby or main pool

-Pool manager, lifeguard personnel and tennis personnel have the authority to ask any member or guest to leave the park area if inappropriate behavior or language cannot be controlled

-Please use headphones if listening to personal music on deck as a courtesy to others

-No wearing flotation devices to jump off the diving boards

-No one to be in the water to catch child off diving boards

-No noodles/floats in the pool unless Float Night

-No hanging on lane ropes

-No diving in water less than 5 feet

-No chewing gum

Deep End Rules

All swimmers must be able to swim across the deep end to be allowed in to the diving area.

-Signed waiver required for those 17 & under to use the high dive.

-In order to use the high dive, the participant must be at least 7 years old AND 48 inches tall. Adequate parental supervision is expected at all times. If participant is 8 years old and does not meet the height requirement, participant can pass a competency test to use the high dive.

-When using the diving board, you must wait on the deck until the person before you has jumped before you
climb onto the board

-When on the diving board, you must wait on the board until the person before you has reached the ladder

-No back flips off the diving boards – all flips must be forward

-No double bouncing on the diving boards

-No hanging on the board

-No handstands on the diving boards

-If you step out onto the diving board, you need to jump. Do not walk back to the ladder for your safety.

-While the diving boards are in use, no one may swim in the deep end except in the top corner on the low dive
side. Lifeguards may ask all swimmers to play elsewhere if conditions become unsafe.

-Swimmers may jump off the front of the board only

-If no one is using the diving board(s), swimmers may play in the unused board’s area of the deep end at the
discretion of the lifeguard on duty

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