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Swim Lessons at Green Valley Park

Swim Lessons are provided by Aqua Tech Pool Management, details are listed here, .  The details and costs are listed on the same website.

Aqua Tech will place an information card at the front desk of the pool that parents can take home with them if they are considering signing up.

The swim lessons can be purchased by parents through Aqua Tech’s website.  The lessons are taught in 1 week packages for the dates listed on the site.  The packages consist of four (4) 30 minute private lessons which will be scheduled on Monday through Thursday, with Friday being the make up day in case of bad weather.

Aqua Tech has found over time that these individual lessons are much more conducive to teaching kids how to swim than group lessons.  Parents can choose a lifeguard from the Green Valley staff to teach the lessons, or Aqua Tech can assign an instructor.  Once a parent has signed up, they can schedule the lessons with the  lifeguards at a time convenient for both – typically right before or after a lifeguarding shift.

The goal of Aqua Tech swim lessons is to teach people how to swim – if someone is looking to shave a few seconds off of their backstroke time, that is to be left to swim coaches/swim team.

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